In support of Prof. James Newell

APSA’s Conference Group on Italian Politics and Society (CONGRIPS) shares the puzzlement, dismay and concern of its sister associations – the PSA’s Italian Politics Specialist Group (IPSG) and Italian Political Science Association (SISP) – about the recent dismissal by the University of Salford of Professor James Newell, after 27 years of service at that institution.

Professor Newell, who was CONGRIPS Programme Chair in the years 2010-2012, is a prominent international scholar in the study of Italian politics who has made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of the Italian polity and to the internationalisation of the study of Italian politics.

The abrupt end of Professor Newell’s distinguished career is a matter of serious concern for CONRGIPS and we would like to express our support to Professor Newell and to urge the University of Salford to reconsider their decision.


Paolo Graziano (CONGRIPS President)

Richard Katz (CONGRIP Executive, Treasurer)

Erik Jones (CONGRIPS Executive, Member)

Simona Piattoni (CONGRIPS Executive, Member, SISP President)

Laura Polverari (CONGRIPS Executive, Member)

Giulia Sandri (CONGRIPS Executive, Member)