News from Congrips!!!

Dear CONGRIPS Friends,

Here comes some information regarding the discussion held in Washington during the Business Meeting.
First of all, some good news: the CONGRIPS community has increased by around 70% during the last year. This is a great result! Nonetheless, we want more! And we would like to further expand our community – and in particular our membership – by launching a series of activities aimed to involve even more colleagues interested in Italian politics.

A second decision from the Business Meeting is that CONGRIPS will strengthen the link with SISP – Italian Political Science Association – by a formal and active collaboration. In particular, the plan is to organize at least one co-sponsored workshop in the US and one in Italy per year. We’ll keep you posted on this!

…Finally, we are pleased to announce that Martin Bull will be the new CONGRIPS president and Erik Jones will serve as Vice-President for 2020-2022. We are sure that they will do a great job!





We want to thank Paolo Graziano for his extraordinary job as CONGRIPS president during these last two years. His enthusiasm and commitment made possible to expand the CONGRIPS community and to improve its visibility. Thanks, Paolo!