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Posted below is some interesting scholarship on women in the professions. You can also visit the following Facebook page named “Gendering Political Science” for more articles and research on the subject. Happy exploring!


Why Minority Women Leave STEM Fields How to Get Tenure (If You’re a Woman)
Why_Minority_Women_Leave_STEM_Fields_Pic How_To_Get_Tenure_Pic
Gender Neutral Tenure Clock-Stopping Electoral competition and Gender
Gender_Neutral_Tenure_Clock_Stopping_Paper_Pic Folke and Rickne
I am not the Decorator On Male Privilege and Networks
I am not a Decorator pic On male privilege and networks pic
Creating a More Inclusive Academy Gender Pay Gap (Spring 2016 Edition)
Recipe for change pic The Simple Truth about Gender Pay Gap pic
Gender, Teaching Eval., & Prof. Success in P.S. Diversity Stats – America’s Professors of Color
Lisa L Martin Gender Paper (1) Professors of Color pic - Mother Jones
Gender, Social Networks and Performance Women Don’t Always Find Power in Numbers
Ilse Lindenlaub Paper roundtable decision-making discussion
Women lose by saying “Yes to Favors” Tenure Extension Policy that’s Friendliest to Males
No to favors pic tenure hardest science pic
“How to deal with the doorbell problem: beat last year’s average.” Why Diversity Programs Fail
women in director's chair pic diversity programs fail HBR pic
Diversity in the Economics Profession Academic Self Silencing in Women
econ diversity pic women self-silencing pic
Gendered Self Cites: Men Set Theirs’ High Gender Bias in IR Education
authorship self-cite pic 2 Bias in IR pic
EvoLang 11 Reveals Gender Bias Family Plans Don’t Influence Work Choices
double-blind-evolang-11-pic women-work-pic-family-plans
No Change in Women’s Volubility Despite Higher Power Ties that Bind: Matrilineal Societies
2008 Female Economics Tenure Study Where do Economists Go?
Women’s Ambition and the Marriage Market The Gender Gap in Publications
Update on the Status of Women in Higher Ed Female Academics and the “Flexibility Myth”
Penalized for Promoting Diversity Stress on Women in Caregiving Roles Takes a Toll on Health
Relying on, but not rewarding Women Gender Gaps Shrinking and Lingering
The Power of Talk Science Must Clean Up Its Act
Male Interruptions Political Science Journals Are Biased Against Women
The Organized Mind Metalevel Mentoring to Battle Gender Bias
Interrupting Female Academics How Many Jeffs Do You Need?
Double Jeopardy in Planetary Sciences Feminism and the “Normal” Academic Career
Gendered Interruptions in Engineering Departments Women Ask Fewer Questions
The Ladies Vanish?


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