Yearly NSF survey of women and minorities in political science: Most Recent Survey, 2014

A. List of major tables from the NSF survey of doctorates in 2014 here (See Tables 16 and 22 — they are the only ones that give gender or race/ethnicity by “subfield,” which is how you find political science.  Note: There is no table by gender and by race/ethnicity, i.e., no intersectionality.)  To get to Tables 16 and 22 directly, see below.

B. Doctorates in 2014 by gender: (44% female in political science) here! For data over time, navigate to this link.

C. Doctorates in 2014 among US citizens/permanent residents by race and ethnicity here (113/571 = 20% non-White in political science). Click here to see more statistics on doctorate recipients. (Note: Again, no table by gender and race/ethnicity combined.)

D. For other data on doctorates in 2014, see this table and for post-graduation plans, take a look at this table.