The National Capital-Area Political Science Association is headed by a president and a president-elect, each serving a one-year term.  Rounding out the slate of officers is the secretary-treasurer, who by tradition is the executive director of the American Political Science Association.  NCAPSA is further governed by a six-member council whose members serve staggered two-year terms.  Officers and councilmembers are elected by NCAPSA members at the annual business meeting, usually held in September.

Officers, 2016-17 term:
President: Jennifer Victor, George Mason University
President-Elect: John Haskell, Congressional Research Service
Secretary-Treasurer: Steven Rathgeb Smith, American Political Science Association


2015-17 term:
John Hudak, The Brookings Institution
Trace Lasley, Department of Homeland Security
Jennifer Tobin, Georgetown University

2016-18 term:
Rebecca Johnson, Marine Corps University
Kristina Miler, University of Maryland
Daniel Schlozman, Johns Hopkins University

Past Presidents of NCAPSA:

Matthew Green, Catholic University of America (2015-16)
John Sides, George Washington University (2014-15)
Colleen Shogan, Congressional Research Service (2013-14)
Don Wolfensberger, Bipartisan Policy Center and the Wilson Center (2012-13)
Frances Lee, University of Maryland (2011-12)
Elizabeth Mary Boles (2010-11)
Chris Deering, George Washington University (2009-10)
David Balducchi, U.S. Department of Labor (2008-9)
Howard Silver, Consortium of Social Science Associations (2006-7)
Robin Kolodny, Temple University (2000-1)
Mark Katz, George Mason University (1999-2000)
Lee Sigelman, George Washington University (1998-99)
Paul Herrnson, University of Maryland (1997-98)
Joseph Cooper, Johns Hopkins University (1996-97)
Candice Nelson, American University (1995-96)
Toni-Michelle Travis, George Mason University (1994-95)
Robert Kent Weaver, Georgetown University (1993-94)
Michael Brintnall, American Political Science Association (1992-93)
James Thurber, American University (1991-92)
James Pfiffner, George Mason University (1990-91)
James Lengle, Georgetown University (1989-90)
Susan Tolchin, George Mason University (1988-89)
Michael Grossman, University of California (1987-88)
Dorothy James, Connecticut College (1986-87)
Roger Davidson, University of California, Santa Barbara (1985-86)
Michael Malbin, SUNY Albany (1984-85)
Susan Webb Hammond, American University (1983-84)
Stephen Wayne, Georgetown University (1982-83)
Jane Highsaw, Mount Vernon College (1981-82)
Clarence Stone, George Washington University (1980-81)
Laslo Boyd, University of Massachusetts, Boston (1979-80)
Barbara Knight, George Mason University (1978-79)
Karl Cerny, Georgetown University (1977-78)
A. Lee Fritschler, U.S. Department of Education (1976-77)
Charles Deschert, Catholic University of America (1975-76)
Morris Levitt, Howard University (1972-74)
Warren Cikins (1970-72)
Richard Smolka, American University (1969-70)
Robert Martin (1967-68)
Charles Clapp, Postal Rate Commission (1965-66)
Richard Scammon (1964-65)
Elmer Plischke, University of Maryland (1962-63)
Roger Hilsman (1961-62)
Vincent Browne, Howard University (1959-60)
Howard Penniman (1958-59)
Max Kampelman (1954-55)
Paul David (1953-54)
Claude Hawley (1952-53)
Franklin Burdette (1950-51)

Recent Past NCAPSA Councilmembers:

James Desveaux, UCLA-Washington Program, UCDC (2011-13)
Matthew Green, Catholic University of America (2012-14)
Danny Hayes, George Washington University (2014-16)
Jonathan Ladd, Georgetown University (2012-14)
Jan Leighley, American University (2014-16)
Frances Marquez, Gallaudet University (2012-14)
Hans Noel, Georgetown University (2014-16)
Stella Rouse, University of Maryland (2013-15)
John Sides, George Washington University (2011-13)
Jordan Tama, American University (2013-15)
Julie Taylor, RAND Corporation (2011-13)
Jennifer Victor, George Mason University (2013-15)