Participant Rules


When submitting and accepting panel and individual paper proposals, please follow the following four participation rules: 

Rule 1: Participation Limitation

Please note that participation is limited to one (1) paper Author or Co-Author presentation and one non-author appearance, excluding discussants.

Limit 1: Author presentations in Research Panels
Participation in the Annual Meeting is limited to one (1) paper Author or Co-Author presentation in a paper panel session, regardless of the organizer (division, related group, conference co-chairs, etc.).  Only presentations count against this participation limit.  For example, an attendee may have three co-authored papers on the program and, so long as she or he is a presenter for only one of these papers (and a non-presenting co-author in the other two), this would fall within the participation limits.


Limit 2: Non-Author appearances in Research Panels, Roundtables, and other session formats
Participation in the Annual Meeting is limited to one (1) appearance on the program as a panel chair OR one (1) non-author presentation participant in any other session format, in sessions organized by any of the following: division, APSA committee, or related group.


  • Participation as a non-presenting co-author does not count against the Author presentation limit.
  • Participation as a discussant does not count against any appearance limits.
  • Participation in a theme panel is an allowed third role/appearance.
  • Participating or presenting a paper on a panel organized by Division 9: Teaching and Learning in Political Science or Division 10: Political Science Education does not count against these limits.
  • If a person is appearing during a panel session as an Author or Co-Author presenter, serving as chair or discussant of the same session does not count against the participation limit.
  • Participation in or leadership of pre-conference workshops or short courses does not count against the participation limit.
  • Delivery of an e-poster presentation does not count against the participation limit

There are no other exemptions from the participation limits.

Rule 2: Pre-registration

The APSA Council requires all program participants to pre-register by June 9, 2017. Participants who do not pre-register by June 9 will be removed from the program.

Rule 3: Paper Delivery

As a paper presenter, you have an important obligation to ensure that all members of your panel, especially discussants, receive your paper two (2) weeks prior to the conference, with enough time to prepare for the meeting. Papers should be uploaded to the conference system no later than August 14, 2017.

Rule 4: Panel Schedule
Panels are scheduled in time slots beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday and concluding at 12:00 noon on Sunday. Participants are expected to be available for any of the time slots. Please note that due to the large number of participants on the meeting program, scheduling requests are not accepted.


Submission Procedure
APSA accepts a wide range of proposal types. For more information about the new session formats and proposal options, view the “Proposal Options” page.

To use the online submission system, you need a valid e-mail address, a MyAPSA account and Internet connectivity. To submit your proposal, log into your MyAPSA account and click the Call for Papers link on the Annual Meeting website (coming soon!). If you do not have a MyAPSA account, please contact

Submission Rules

The following submission rules were established by the APSA Committee on the Annual Meeting:

  • Submit up to two sole-authored papers or two organized panel proposals. Additional proposals from the same author or organizer will not be accepted.
  • Submit each proposal to no more than two Divisions.
  • All paper proposals will be considered for poster presentation.
  • All submissions must be received electronically by Monday, January 9, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific.

Confirmation of Proposal Submission
All electronic proposal submissions will receive a unique ID number and email confirmation. Please save confirmation email and ID number for future reference. Contact APSA at if you do not receive an email confirmation of your submission within 24 hours. You can view, edit, or delete submissions until the call for papers deadline through your View Submissions section on your homepage when logged into All Academic.

Acceptance Notification
In March 2017, you will receive an acceptance or rejection e-mail for each proposal you submitted. If accepted for a panel or poster presentation, the e-mail will indicate the division for which you are accepted. If your proposal is not immediately accepted for a panel or poster, you may be contacted at a later date to present if spaces become available on the program. You will receive additional detailed information regarding your panel or poster session from the division or panel chair.

If their paper or panel presentation is accepted, individuals will be required to formally indicate their willingness to participate in the annual meeting.