CONGRIPS call for papers for the 2020 American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting


The 116th American Political Science Association’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition will be held in San Francisco, CA September 10 – 13, 2020. The theme for the 2020 is ‘Democracy, Difference, and Destabilization’.

The Conference Group on Italian Politics (CONGRIPS) would like to use that theme to highlight the Italian case. Indeed, Italy represents a privileged viewpoint for understanding the challenges in modern democratic politics and the related social problems of discrimination, marginalization, and exclusion.

Read here the CONGRIPS call for paper.

Understanding democratic destabilization requires to take into account very different research perspectives. The CONGRIPS panel welcomes studies addressing issues such as:  the fading of political ideologies, the party organizational change, the shifts in public opinion and antiparty feelings as well as dissatisfaction with democracy, the new trends in political communication with reference to the role played by social media in disintermediation processes, the personalization of politics and the role of leadership. Papers that explore these dimensions by focusing on 2018 general elections and 2019 EP elections are welcome, as are papers that highlight debates about the Constitution of the Italian Republic.

Papers that put Italy in a comparative context are welcome as well.

As with last year, the aim is to bring together a set of papers which together convey the richness and complexity of the politics of discontent in Italy, which itself is a reflection of broader trends in Europe and beyond.

Applications should be submitted via the APSA process by Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Informal inquiries can be made to the CONGRIPS program chairs, Erik Jones ( and Antonella Seddone (