Past Programs


Since 2013, APSA has organized twelve MENA Workshops in eight different countries. In total, 191 scholars from across the United States, Europe, and MENA region have participated in the workshops as a co-leader or fellow.

February 2014 – American University in Cairo (AUC); Egypt
May 2014 – American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR); Amman, Jordan
June 2014 – Le Centre d’Etudes Maghrébines à Tunis (CEMAT); Tunisia
September 2014 – Lebanese American University (LAU); Beirut, Lebanon
May 2015 – Qatar University’s Social and Economic Survey Research Institute (SESRI); Doha, Qatar
December 2015 – Alsalam Center for Development and Strategic Studies; Kuwait
May 2016 – American University of Beirut’s Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship; Beirut, Lebanon
September 2016 – Amman, Jordan
September 2018 – Center for Studies and Research in Social Sciences; Rabat, Morocco
January 2019 – University of Tunis-El Manar; Tunisia
June 2019 – NYU-Abu Dhabi; United Arab Emirates
October 2019 – Rabat, Morocco

July/August 2020 – Virtual

July/ August 2021 – Virtual

Regionally-based participants have come from the following countries: