Welcome to the FPG/AFSP


Welcome to the French Politics Group! Together with our organizational twin, the Association Française de Science Politique (AFSP is the French equivalent of APSA; it is responsible for France’s leading political science journal, the Revue française de science politique), we are an active, dynamic APSA Related Group organized around the premise of placing the study of French Politics in a comparative perspective. We currently have 230 members from nine countries. The group is chaired by Amy Mazur (Washington State University; Sciences Po Paris) and Vincent Pons (Harvard Business School). Previous chairs include Sylvain Brouard (Sciences Po Paris) and Jennifer Fredette (Ohio University).

 A major part of our work is to promote international collaboration among political scientists working on France. To this end, we engage in the following activities:

1) Produce an annual newsletter for our members

2) Organize panels, roundtables, and shortcourses at APSA

3) Award two competitive prizes:

* The Frank L. Wilson Best APSA Paper Award

* The Stanley Hoffmann Best Article Award

4) Maintain a collection of syllabi on French politics, including readings in both English and French

5) Work regularly with the AFSP [ex: FPG helped organize a workshop on methodology for the AFSP’s 2007 annual meeting in Toulouse, France]

6) Collaborate on research [ex: The FPG published its first book, The French Fifth Republic at Fifty: Beyond Stereotypes (eds. Sylvain Brouard, Andrew Appleton, and     Amy Mazur) with Palgrave in 2009]

We receive regular financial support from Sciences Po- Paris, CEVIPOF, Sciences Po- Bordeaux, the French Embassy in the USA, AFSP, the French Politics Group of the PSA, and the journal, French Politics, Culture and Society. An article on the FPG in PS: Political Science provides more details on our collaborations: Middleton, Andrew and Amy Mazur. 2006. “Making International Collaboration Work: A Third Update from the French Politics Group of APSA.” PS: Political Science 40 (2) 436-437.

Whether you are a Europeanist, or interested in France as a case study, or starting a new research project or course that examines France, the French Politics Group is a resource for you!

To become a member or for questions about the group please contact Vincent Pons.