This website is meant to serve as a companion to the volumes Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen and Teaching Civic Engagement across the Disciplines. Here visitors will find examples of how the authors included methods of teaching active citizenship into their curriculum and will be able to reference such items as sample syllabi, class projects, and assessments.

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Teaching Civic Engagement Globally

Educators around the globe are facing challenges in teaching politics in an era in which populist values are on the rise, authoritarian governance is legitimized, and core democratic tenets are regularly undermined. To combat anti-democratic outcomes and citizens’ apathy, Teaching Civic Engagement Globally provides a wide range of  pedagogical tools to help the current generation learn to effectively navigate debates and lead changes in local, national, and global politics. Contributors discuss key theoretical discussions and challenges regarding global civic engagement education, highlight successful evidence-based pedagogical approaches, and review effective ways to reach across disciplines and the global education community.

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About the Authors

Teaching Civic Engagement Globally is the result of collaborative work spanning scholars from multiple disciplines, fields, and careers. Political scientists, educators, and students have joined to produce important, timely research. Meet the authors of the book on this page.