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Additional Teaching Resources

In addition to serving as a companion to the Teaching Civic Engagement texts, this website is meant to be an ongoing resource for teacher-scholars of all disciplines who want to incorporate civic engagement instruction into their coursework. Always evolving, this component of the website should serve as a “one-stop-shop” for civic engagement education.

Reading List

Wondering what the core civic engagement texts are or which academic journals publish civic engagement research? Look here for a current list of texts, journals, and reports related to teaching civic engagement.

How to Guides

This section of the website offers educators practical recommendations and examples on how to incorporate effective methods of teaching active citizenship.

Assessment Toolkit

A critical component in active learning initiatives is gathering feedback from participants and assessing how well the effort has met the desired goals of the project. Look here for examples and/or resources regarding assessments that teacher-scholars might consider when designing projects and constructing the assessment component.

Civic Engagement Partners

There are a number of efforts, at the local and national levels, working to enhance the civic engagement of young adults. A listing can be found here.

Civic Engagement Centers and Institutes

More and more, campuses are turning to centers and institutes to serve as vehicles of civic engagement education. Check out a listing of those centers and institutes located on campuses recognized for their demonstrated commitment to civic engagement.