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About the Website

First and foremost, this website is meant to serve as a companion to the volumes Teaching Civic Engagement: From Student to Active Citizen and Teaching Civic Engagement across the Disciplines. Here visitors will find examples of how the authors included methods of teaching active citizenship into their curriculum and will be able to reference such items as sample syllabi, class projects, and assessments.

Second, this site is intended to be an ongoing resource for educators and will be updated with “how to guides” for incorporating methods of instruction to foster active citizenship, spotlights of civic engagement research and programming, and interactive platforms that will allow visitors to make comments and offer suggestions. It’s our hope that this site will grow to be a reliable touchstone for educators dedicated to preparing students to be active participants in the democratic process.

Have an idea for this site? Get in touch with suggestions on how to continue to provide the support necessary to encourage the education of future citizens.

Elizabeth C. Matto
Eagleton Institute of Politics
Rutgers University