Past Workshops


From 2008-2015, APSA organized eight Africa Workshops across seven different countries. Fellows included 160 African scholars from 32 different countries, as well as 35 US-based graduate students from 21 different universities. In addition, 34 faculty co-leaders from across Africa and the US contributed to the project. [map shows workshop host countries and home countries of alumni fellows]

Africa Workshops

  • 2008 Workshop – Dakar, Senegal: Political Participation
  • 2009 Workshop – Accra, Ghana: Elections and Democracy
  • 2010 Workshop – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: Global Perspectives on Politics and Gender
  • 2011 Workshop – Nairobi, Kenya: Ethnic Politics and Africa’s Governance Institutions in Comparative Perspective
  • 2012 Workshop – Gaborone, Botswana: Local Communities and the State in Africa
  • 2013 Workshop – Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective
  • 2014 Workshop – Maputo, Mozambique: Distributive Goods and Distributive Politics
  • 2015 Workshop – Nairobi, Kenya: Conflict and Political Violence