APSA Africa Workshops


The American Political Science Association’s Africa Workshop program was a multi-year effort funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support political science research and teaching in sub-Saharan Africa. Through a series of annual political science workshops, the program extended APSA’s engagement with the international political science community and supported research networks linking American scholars with their colleagues overseas. The program sought to enhance the capacities of political scientists and their resources in Sub-Saharan Africa, while also providing a forum for supporting their ongoing research. From 2008-2015, a total of 230 scholars from 32 different countries took part in the initiative. For more information about the project’s scope and goals, see “About the Project.” Specific information about each program, including syllabi and participants, can be found under “Past Workshops.” For current activities, see “Alumni Network.”


2019 RDGs at the APSA Annual Meeting
Early-career African and Arab scholars are invited to apply for participation in the 2019 Research Development Groups. The MENA RDG and Africa RDG will take place in conjunction with the 2019 to the APSA Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. The deadline for applications to both programs is March 10, 2019. For additional information, contact astinson@apsanet.org.
APSA International Workshops
Building on the success of APSA’s Africa Workshops program, APSA continues to offer a robust series of International Workshops. Since 2013, over 135 scholars have participated in APSA’s MENA Workshops, which supports early-career scholars from across the Arab Middle East and North Africa. Starting in 2019, APSA’s Asia Workshops will support early-career scholars from across East and Southeast Asia. For more information on APSA’s International programming, visit https://www.apsanet.org/internationalprograms.


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