2014 Grants


In 2014, APSA awarded $47,783 in small grants to MENA Workshops alumni. Please join us in congratulating the following alumni:

May Darwich (2013) – $939 Individual Grant
Karim Sadek (2013) – $500 Individual Grant
Tereza Jermanova (2013) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Nermin Allam (2013) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Guy Burton (2013) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Abdul Kayyali (2013) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Karen Young (2013) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Ilham Sadoqi (2013) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Abdeslam Badre (2014) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Magdalena Karolak (2014) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Ammar Maliki (2014) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Arin Ayanian (2014) – $800 Individual Grant
Selim Hmimnat (2014) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Imad AlSoos (2014) – $1,000 Individual Grant

Abdeslam Badre and Selim Hmimnat (2014) – $12,564 Collaborative Grant
Selim and Abdeslam organized a 1-day workshop in May 2015, for nine Moroccan doctoral researchers on “Jihadism and Geostrategic Security Challenges in North Africa: An Analysis of the Moroccan University’s Research,” held at the Rabat School of Economics and Governance (EGE) within Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

Karen Young, Guy Burton, May Darwich, Nermin Allam, and Ilham Sadoqi (2013) – $12,000 Collaborative Grant
Karen, Guy, May, Nermin, and Ilham organized a 2-day workshop in June 2015, for twelve political science researchers in Morocco on “Ethics of Political Science Research and Teaching inside the MENA Region,” held at Mohamed V University in Rabat. The Workshop Programme and Memos can be viewed on the blog of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Middle East Centre, which co-hosted the event.

Ayfer Erdogan, Ghada Almadbouh, Lourdes Habash (2014) – $9,980 Collaborative Grant
Ayfer, Ghada, and Lourdes organized a 3-day workshop in September 2015 for undergraduate and masters students, on “Regime Change in the Arab World: Conceptual and Methodological Debates,” held at Birzeit University in Palestine. The workshop was part of a larger collaboration between Birzeit University and Yildiz Technical University in Turkey.