2016 Grants


In 2016, APSA awarded $37,070 in small grants to MENA Workshops alumni. Please join us in congratulating the following alumni:

Olga Blázquez Sánchez (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Hamdi Echkaou (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Abdelhamid Rhaiem (2016) – $680 Individual Grant
Dana El Kurd (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Shimaa Hatab (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Gerardus Hoetjes (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Yasmeen Mekawy (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Youssef Chouhoud (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Yasmina Abouzzohour (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Reham Rizk (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Johannes Gunesch (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Rania AbdelNaeem (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Laura Wickström (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant
Matt Gordner (2016) – $1,000 Individual Grant

May Darwich (2013) and Nadine Sika (2013) – $5,490 Collaborative Grant
Along with several colleagues, May and Nadine will organize a 3-day workshop for university postgraduate students at AUC and Cairo University in Egypt, to critically engage students with the different steps of conducting academic research.

Huda Alsahi (2016) and Nourah Shuaibi (2015) – $5,900 Collaborative Grant
Huda and Nourah will organize a 2-day seminar at Kuwait University on “Women Academics in the Gulf Region,” to investigate questions of gender dynamics in higher education, academic institutions, and cultures of knowledge production in the Arab Gulf States.

Shimaa Hatab (2016) and Nermin Allam (2013) – $6,000 Collaborative Grant
Shimaa and Nermin will organize a one-day manuscript development workshop for early career MENA-based scholars, on the theme of authoritarian resilience, for publication in a special journal issue.

Youssef Chouhoud (2016) and Matt Gordner (2016) – $6,000 Collaborative Grant
Youssef and Matt will conduct a cross-national elite-level survey across five governorates in Tunisia, as part of a research project that examines the dynamics of tolerance and trust among the membership and leadership of CSO’s in Tunisia.