2022 Workshops


“Studying Public Opinion in the Contemporary Middle East: Challenges, Opportunities and Best Practices”
June 12-17, 2022 – Amman, Jordan

A 1-week in-person workshop will be held this summer as part of the APSA MENA annual Workshops. Organized in partnership with Al Mustakilla (IIACSS), NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions, and the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) at the University of Jordan, the workshop will be held from June 12-17 in Amman and will bring together up to 20 qualified applicants from the MENA region. Following their full participation in the workshop, all fellows will receive a three-year membership to APSA. A select group of fellows will be invited to present their research at the 2022 APSA Annual Meeting in Montreal.

Workshop Theme
The workshop will be led by Mujtaba Isani (King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia), Karl Kaltenthaler (University of Akron, USA), Yuree Noh (Middle East Initiative, Harvard University), and Daniel Silverman (Carnegie Mellon University, USA). Together with selected workshop fellows, co-leaders will discuss the growing body of research that use surveys, experiments, and/or focus groups to understand what MENA populations think and want on a wide range of issues, from gender to conflict to religion to democracy. The workshop will spotlight growing areas of MENA public opinion research, such as attitudes toward gender rights, rebel governance, and more, as well as methodological best practices and techniques designed to meet the increasing practical (instability and public health) challenges facing researchers on the ground.