Cairo University, Egypt


Workshop on Quantitative Text Analysis – April 2019
APSA partnered with Mazen Hassan (Cairo University) to organize a workshop on Quantitative Text Analysis led by Richard Nielsen (MIT). The workshop provided training in new software for analyzing digitized data in Arabic. The 5-day program was attended by over 40 scholars whose backgrounds varied from political science, to economics, to psychology, and computer science. In addition to students and faculty, the workshop was also attended by NGO workers and other private sector professionals.

Data Analysis Short Courses – November 2018 through January 2019
APSA supported Mazen Hassan (Cairo University) in organizing a series of one day workshops for graduate students and faculty hosted by the Centre for Political Research and Studies and Intercultural Dialogue (CPRSID) at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science (FEPS), Cairo University. The workshops addressed the use of several essential software programs used for qualitative and quantitative data analysis and citation organization (STATA, Zotero, NVivo, LaTex). The workshops were led by local experts and attended by 47 scholars.