The APSA MENA Newsletter is a biannual publication that serves the growing community of political scientists working on and in the Middle East and North Africa. The newsletter publishes a wide range of provocative and compelling essays of interest across the field. Essays and special sections feature original research, provocative reflections on fieldwork and methodology, discussions of emergent research programs, reviews of multiple new publications, and provocations designed to stimulate debate.

The newsletter is the official publication of the APSA MENA Politics Organized Section, and serves as a forum for discussion of research and issues of interest to the community. It seeks to fully integrate the rigorous study of the politics of the Middle East with the broader discipline of Political Science, to serve as an institutional home for the community of political scientists dedicated to the Middle East, and to fully integrate scholars from the MENA region and diverse scholars from the United States into the global study of Middle East politics. The editors invite suggestions, proposals and submissions from all section members.

In Spring 2019, production of the newsletter moved to the MENA Politics Organized Section. From 2016-2018, the newsletter was edited by alumni from the APSA MENA Workshops. The inaugural co-editors were Abdul-Wahab Kayyali (George Washington University, USA) and May Darwich (Durham University, UK). The November 2018 issue was co-edited by Sarina Theys (Newcastle University, UK) and May Darwich (Durham University, UK).

Current and Past Issues
The APSA MENA Newsletter is an open publication. Recent issues can be found on the MENA Politics website

Past issues edited by APSA MENA Alumni are available for download here: