Great Reads and Listens

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion through Engagement: The APSA 2018 Hackathon

Title IX: Help or Hindrance? 

Graphs to make you gasp! Here.

A dataset on post-graduate career paths for women in various fields. Check it out!

Participation by Women in the Annual Meeting, 1960 to the Present Data Set

APSA Data on the Profession. Includes Employment, Degree, Enrollment, and Curriculum Data. Check it out!

2017-18 AAUP Faculty Salary Survey (2017-18 data:  interactive; search your own institution and others; click on top right tab to get data by gender; minority status not given)

The National Science Foundation’s data on women and minorities in Political science up until 2017. Check it out!

2011 APSA Task Force Report: “Political Science in the 21st Century”

NCES Data on Degrees in the Social Sciences (total number of degrees in political science and other sciences through 2010; not broken down by gender or minority status)

2004 APSA Task Force Report:  “Women’s Advancement in Political Science” (good statistics up to 2004)

Altmetrics Blog by Amy Atchison – Overview, Pros and Cons, and Comparisons to Traditional Metrics. Great Read!

How #MeToo power dynamics affect economists

Female representation in Economics

New York Times opinion piece: The Cost of Devaluing Women

How teaching load could put female scientists at career disadvantage

Want Happier Professors? Try Being Nice