CONGRIPS Business Meeting at 2016 APSA Annual Conference

Skyline_of_PhiladelphiaThe 2016 Business Meeting of CONGRIPS will take place on Friday 2 September at 18:30-19:30 (Marriott, Room 413). All CONGRIPS members and affiliates are welcome to attend.

The Agenda of the business meeting includes the following headings:

– Budget (and Membership) updates

– Changes to ExCom and other offices

– Website / social media

– 2017 Annual Meeting call for proposals

– Collaboration with PSA and other learned associations

– and, last but not least, the 2016 Life Achievement Award. CONGRIPS assigns this award every two year and this year’s recipient is Professor Gianfranco Pasquino. Professor Pasquino’s acceptance speech can be read from this link:

Life Achievement Award 2016: Professor Pasquino’s acceptance speech

GPThe Congrips Life Achievement award came to me, Visiting Professor at Chicago, as a totally unexpected, therefore, even more pleasant and exciting, surprise.

Thank you, dear Colleagues and Friends. I am very grateful.

I do not have to convince you that the study of Italian politics and society can be intellectually stimulating and highly rewarding, though , as citizen of a country that some of you wrongly believe is “normal”, I often feel irritated and annoyed. But I fight back, as you all know, challenging some interpretations, speaking the truth to the powerful as well as to the powerless, attempting, not so naively, to empower the latter, and, of course, also criticizing what many of you have been writing! Hopefully, I have always done so in a scholarly way, engaging in productive conversations, but never ostentatiously showing any kind of detachment. Continue reading “Life Achievement Award 2016: Professor Pasquino’s acceptance speech”