2022 APSA Annual Meeting & Exhibition | Montréal, Québec, Canada | September 15-18th

Contemporary Italian Politics – Thu, September 15, 8:00 to 9:30am, TBA

Chair/Discussant: Erik Jones (European University Institute)

Italian politics changed dramatically in the last four years, starting with the March 2018 parliamentary elections and continuing through the Presidential elections of February 2022. Given the importance of Italy to the stability of European financial markets and the future of the euro as a common currency, understanding how and why that change has taken place is essential to understanding Europe’s future.

‘Happy-Go-Lucky or Dancing with Wolves? The Populist Radical Right on TikTok’
Donatella Bonansinga (University of Birmingham) & Daniele Albertazzi (University of Birmingham)

‘Quality of Elections and the Italian Case: Concepts, Measures and Applications’
Fulvio Venturino (University of Cagliari) & Stefano Rombi (University of Cagliari)

 ‘The Administrative Elections of September 2021’
Salvatore Vassallo (University of Bologna)

 ‘The Italian Communist Party and the Meltdown of the Italian Party System’
Martin Bull (University of Salford)