Who governs EU – Blog: The Gentiloni cabinet: much ado about nothing? by Bruno Marino

In this article, published in the Blog of the Party Systems and Governments Observatory, Bruno Marino offers an analysis of the new Italian government and explores the possible electoral law reform scenarios resulting from the ‘no’ vote in December’s  referendum’.

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Who’s afraid of the Em Five Es? by James Newell

arton10595It is widely believed that if Sunday’s referendum on constitutional reform in Italy is not passed, then comedian Beppe Grillo’s Five-star Movement (M5s) could cause considerable political, not to say economic, upset. The belief arises from the fact that the M5s wants a referendum on Italy’s membership of the Euro. And if Italy were to leave the Euro, it is suggested, then the EU itself would be placed in danger.

It is thought that if the No side loses then Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi will resign. A period of political uncertainty and turmoil will, so one story goes, put wind in the Movement’s sails, and fresh elections will see an M5s victory. Elections have to be held no later than early 2018.

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