Date last amended and ratified: 18 June 2020


I. Name. The name of the group shall be the: Conference Group on Italian Politics and Society (Gruppo internazionale per lo studio della politica e società italiana).

II. Purpose. The objects of the Conference Group shall be to promote professional study, criticism, and research in Italian political processes and affairs, and to further the common interests of those interested in these purposes.

III. Membership. Membership shall be open to all persons who are members of the American Political Science Association and who support or are interested in the objects of the Group, without regard to country of citizenship or residence or of disciplinary affiliation. Associate Membership of CONGRIPS may be extended to non-members of APSA on the decision of the Executive Council.

IV. Officers. The officers of the Conference Group shall be: a President, a Vice- President, a Program Chair and an Executive Secretary-Treasurer. The President and the Vice-President shall be elected for three years in accordance with the provisions of the Bylaws. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer and the Program Chair shall be chosen by the Executive Council and shall hold office under such conditions as the Executive Council may specify. Election may be by e-mail ballot. The President, having filled their term of office as President, will serve for one further year on the Executive Council.

V. Executive Council. The Executive Council shall be composed of the Officers and a maximum of twelve other members of the Conference Group elected for three years. The Executive Council will decide, in advance of elections, how many members there should be. All Officers will have a start date of 1 January for their three year period. The Executive Council shall be responsible for the overall affairs of the Conference Group and take such action as it deems necessary to promote its interests. Election may be by e-mail ballot.

VI. Meetings. The Conference Group shall hold meetings for professional and administrative purposes as determined by the Executive Council. In general such meetings shall be held so as to coincide with the conferences for relevant international and/or national professional associations. Meetings can also be held at other times if the Executive Council so decides.

VII. Related Group. As a Related Group of APSA, the Executive Council will be responsible for meeting any annual requirements of APSA in relation to membership and reporting.

VIII. Dissolution. In the event of the dissolution of the Conference Group, its remaining assets, after the payment of all bills, shall be distributed to the American Political Science Association. If CONGRIPS is dissolved by APSA as a Related Group of APSA for failing to meet the Related Group Membership threshold, the Officers of the Executive Council may propose to maintain CONGRIPS as an external association, a proposal that must be supported by a majority of the CONGRIPS membership (both APSA members at the point of dissolution and Associate members).

IX. Amendments. Amendments to this Constitution and by laws must first be approved by two- thirds of the Executive Council and then by a majority of the members who vote on the question. The members shall be polled by e-mail ballot. Suggested amendments should be sent to the Executive Secretary-Treasurer.




  1. Dues. Any annual fees payable by members of the American Political Science Association (APSA) to CONGRIPS will be set within the constraints of the APSA regulations pertaining to APSA membership and Related Groups. Any annual fees payable by Associate Members will be set by the Executive Council.
  2. Nominations. The President, Vice-President, and members of the Executive Council, other than the Secretary Treasurer and Program Chair, shall be nominated by a Nominating Committee of not more than three members. The nominating committee shall be appointed by the President. Succession from the Vice- Presidency to the Presidency shall be considered normal procedure. Additional nominations may be made by any member of the Conference Group, obtaining in advance the consent of the nominee.
  3. Duties of Officers. The President shall preside at all meetings. In his/her absence, his/her duties shall fall upon the Vice-President, and, in the latter’s absence, upon a member of the Executive Council designated by the President. The President shall appoint committees, whether Standing or Ad Hoc. The activities of the Conference Group shall be planned by the Program Chair . The Executive Secretary-Treasurer shall be the custodian of all the funds of the Conference Group, collecting membership dues and paying bills. S/he is responsible for the flow of information to the members and the administration of e-mail ballots.
  4. Funds. In addition to membership dues, funds may be raised through the receipt of gifts, grants, or donations. In no case, however, shall the acceptance of any gift, grant, or donation restrict the regular activities of the Conference Group or inhibit its scholarly activities or academic freedom.
  5. Voting. All members who have paid any annual fees due are entitled to vote.
  6. Availability. This Constitution and by laws shall be made available on the APSA Related Group website or through APSA Connect. They will also be made available on any CONGRIPS own hosted website.